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Deep sea fishing might seem out of reach, but it’s actually quite an easy activity to add to your to-do list -- you just have to be in the right spot.

Luckily, Florida is one of the hottest destinations for deep sea fishing and for good reason.

Don’t believe me? Check out this list we’ve put together which details why deep-sea fishing in Florida is a bucket list essential.

Deep sea fishing

10 Reasons Why Florida Is the Best Place to Go Deep Sea Fishing

1. Every Season is Fishing Season

    In Florida, it rarely drops below 40 to 50 degrees. Even then, that’s during the dead of winter.

    However, that doesn’t stop the fishermen from gathering their gear and hitting the open seas.

    Thanks to Florida’s location, almost every season is fishing season. There’s something to catch all year round, making deep sea fishing a great activity to rely on for that next seasonal getaway.

    2. It Won’t Break the Budget

      Similar to our previous point -- because fishing is open all year, it’s easier to snag a more affordable deal than in some areas like the Outer Banks and New England which have shorter fishing seasons.

      What this means is that visitors won’t have to spend thousands of dollars per person to enjoy the open waters and catch some fish, which is music to everyone’s ears.

      3. The Views Are Unbelievable

        You might think that all oceans look the same but that’s not the case. When you hop on a deep-sea fishing vessel, you’re guaranteed to get a beautiful view of the Florida coast and the southern horizon.

        These views leave a lasting impression and will stick in your memories for years to come.

        4. There are Dozens of Fish Types to Choose From

          Another perk of deep-sea fishing in Florida is the number of different types of fish to catch.

          Visitors can go fishing for a multitude of fish types and tastes. The types of fish include tuna, salmon, grouper, marlin and more!

          Whatever type of game you’re looking to hunt, you’ll find it off the coast of Florida.

          5. You’ll Probably Catch a Glimpse of a Dolphin

            This is another perk for those that might be wary of deep-sea fishing. It’s likely that on your way out, or while you’re there, you’ll see a family of dolphins and maybe even a whale!

            It’s definitely something to look forward to.

            6. The Crews Are Extremely Knowledgeable

              The best part about deep sea fishing in Florida is that you’re guaranteed to have an experienced team on hand to help you navigate the waters, quite literally.

              The captain and crew of these ships are knowledgeable, helpful and excited. They want you to learn and to bring in fish. So, they help to make this experience even more wonderful and memorable.

              7. Every Experience Is Customized

                It’s also fun to note that not every experience is the same. It’s very easy to customize a trip based on the family, the occasion and more.

                This means you can head out on the water for half a day up to a few days depending on your own wants and needs.

                It’s a real treat to be able to have a hand in shaping your upcoming adventure.

                8. It’s Fun for the Whole Family

                  When it comes to vacations, it can be easy to choose a destination or activity that leaves some family members bored or annoyed. However, that’s not the case with deep sea fishing since there’s something for everyone.

                  If someone doesn’t want to fish, they can take in the spray of the sea and bask in the beautiful views, for instance.

                  The excitement on these charter boats really is contagious. It’s sure to turn even the biggest of naysayers into believers.

                  9. There’s So Much to Do When You’re Done

                    The Sunshine State is teaming with activities -- from water activities to theme parks, nightlife and more.

                    When you make it back on dry land, there’s no shortage of things to do. It can be a compelling enough reason to choose Florida as your destination for deep sea fishing.

                    10. It’s an Experience You Won’t Ever Forget

                      The memories made while out on the ocean on these vessels is one that lasts a lifetime. From the laughs to the occasional frustration, spending a day out on the open waters catching fish is a bonding experience that everyone can participate in -- you, your friends and your family will be happy they set out on this trek.

                      Deep Sea Fishing in Florida: Why It’s for Everyone

                      Deep sea fishing isn’t for the faint of heart, but it doesn’t have to be impossibly difficult. It’s actually a great activity for people of all walks of life and can end up being one of the most exciting experiences had on a vacation.

                      Florida is the best place to try it out.

                      Check out our blog for some more helpful tips to fuel your deep-sea fishing adventure.

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