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Traveling to new places is about having new experiences—being apart of that is getting to know the local culture.

Think of it like going to someone’s house. Following the rules makes for a better guest.

There aren’t any rules for visiting Florida. There is, however, a distinct lifestyle, and traveling here means being a part of that. 

4 Secrets to Living the Florida Lifestyle Like a Local

Everyone knows the iconic elements in Florida. Disney World, our beautiful beaches, and of course, our alligators are what most often comes to mind. The problem is that those elements don’t provide a real understanding of the area. They don’t show off our Florida lifestyle.

1. Getting that Florida Lingo Down

From Brooklyn to Los Angeles every region has it’s lingo. Florida is no different.

To make sure you understand the locals when visiting Florida, it’s important to know the Floridian lingo:

  • It’ll pass. — When we say, “it will pass,” we’re talking about the rain. As a tropical environment, rain will pass as quickly as it comes.
  • West Coast — Now we know that to the rest of the country when they say the west coast, they’re thinking America’s west coast. Not in Florida. When we say west coast, we’re talking about the Florida Gulf Coast. Just think like a local here. In Florida, the west coast is the Gulf because the state sticks out away from the rest of the country.
  • Bobo — If we’re calling something bobo in Florida, it’ll be a good thing to know what it means. That’s because bobo means below average. So, if we call something bobo, we’re saying it’s bad, or that it’s off brand.
  • UF vs. FSU — These are the big rivalry colleges to know in Florida. People from UF call it the Ivy League of the South. However, those of us from FSU probably laugh at that.
  • Pub-Subs — These are subs made from chicken tenders. They’re sold at Publix which is the best grocery store in Florida. It’s pretty much the best road trip snack we have.

2. Living that Florida Life

Here in Florida, it’s bound to be hot — so hot we plan our days around the daily high.  When we aren’t cooling down from the heat’s peak, we flock to our beaches and play outdoor sports. There’s snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, jet skiing — pretty much any water sport out there. We have endless beachside cafes, busy boardwalks, and music festivals with international talent.

Florida’s the place to go fishing — our tropical waters attract the best catches. It's not just any fishing either. We’re talking about deep sea fishing, where all the excitements are at. You’re guaranteed to take home a delicious meal too.

Floridians are very friendly people. We’re a part of the south, but we also have a different view of how far north the south goes. It’s not just our perception of the south that makes us different. We’re a melting pot of people from all over the world.

3. Dressing for the Best in Florida

Looking the part is essential to living the Florida lifestyle.

In our beautiful sunny state, light clothing is imperative. Keeping cool can be a challenge at times. While it is hot out, don’t walk around barefoot in the grass. Fire ants are a serious problem here, and they are nothing to take lightly.

When walking around the boardwalk along the beach, staying in a bathing suit is fine. In town, it’s time to cover up. We’re no strangers to the desire to avoiding clothing to beat the heat. That’s not always the best choice though. Covering up provides sun protection and shows off a little of that beach lover style.

4. Don’t Get Bugged Out in Florida

Yeah, there are many bugs in Florida.

From giant flying cockroaches to fire ants, there’s plenty of pests you'd want to avoid.

Preparation is key though.

Having the right type of bug repellent and cover-up is key. It might be hot out, but a light long sleeve shirt can go a long way when the mosquitoes start to feast. While their bites most likely won’t be deadly, they can ruin a good time. Plan ahead and prepare for bugs.  

Living the Florida Lifestyle

Living that Florida lifestyle means enjoying the heat, the beach, outdoor activities and a wide mixture of cultures. It’s about friendliness and diversity. Learn the lingo and get the right style before heading out, and you’ll have no problems fitting in.

When in Florida, it's best to wear the right clothes comfortable enough for you to enjoy the outdoors. Grab a few of these breathable graphic t-shirts made with anti-microbial and quick-dry technology.


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