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Florida is a summer hot spot for people all across the world. The Sunshine State is known for its magical theme parks, exotic wildlife, and memorable experiences.

In 2018, the state welcomed 126.1 billion tourists, after all.

However, theres more to Florida than just Disney World and the Everglades. In fact, the beaches of Florida are home to some of the most exciting adventures -- they might even take your breath away.

If youre an ocean lover, theres no need to trek out to a secluded island or private beach getaway. You can have just as much fun off the coast of Florida -- you can do so without breaking the budget, too.

Things to do in Florida

6 Exciting Ocean-Centric Things to Do in Florida

Its hard to narrow down the best things to do in Florida to just a few experiences, but this list gives adventurers a great place to start their Florida journey.

1. Look for Dolphins

Going dolphin-watching is a must for the aquatic-lovers out there. The waters around the Sunshine State are full of playful dolphins, majestic whales, and enigmatic sharks. Whether youre vacationing in Miami, Palm Beach, Tampa or beyond, youre likely to be able to find a boat heading offshore to catch a glimpse of these animals in their natural habitat.

It is an unforgettable experience, and one made even better thanks to Floridas rich waters and enchanting ocean life.

2. Ride a Jet Ski

If youve never taken these water go-carts out for a ride, youre seriously missing out. Luckily enough, Florida is full of jet ski rentals that are fun for the whole family.

Take a tour up the Intracoastal or take the jet ski out onto open water and create your own journey. Regardless of which path you choose, youre sure to have a good time.

3. Try Your Hand at Deep Sea Fishing

Thanks to shows like Wicked Tuna, going deep sea fishing is an activity on everyones to-do list. These adventures are available up and down the coast, but in Florida -- thanks to the plentiful ocean life -- there are a number of deep-sea fishing options for beginnings and for experienced fishermen.

Its always fun to try new things, and deep-sea fishing is a unique activity to check off the bucket list.

From tuna and other big fish to smaller catches, visitors can be sure theyll find some game to chase.

4. Sip and Snooze Under the Sun

The next one is for the beach lovers out there. What better way to spend a vacation than lying on the beach, drinking fruity concoctions and getting in some restful relaxation?

Florida beaches are a great place to just take in the natural beauty of the sun and sand and just let the rest of your life slip away -- even just for a few moments.

The Florida coast is full of beaches that are both public and private. Some are quiet and secluded while others are rowdier -- making them the perfect spot for a summer barbeque with friends.

From Laguna Beach to Key West theres something for everyone -- especially those who love a nice hot day under the sun.

5. Go Cave Diving

Got cave diving on the bucket list? Then its time to head to Florida!

Ginnie Springs in High Springs is an aquatic oasis full of crystal-clear waters perfect for cave diving.

Made up of seven natural springs, this oceanic getaway is perfect for the adventurers out there.

The caves comprise 30,000 square feet of caves, passages and more, with animals and ocean life around every corner.

Get that waterproof camera ready!

6. Explore Thriving Coral Reefs

John Pennekamp State Park is full of 178 nautical square miles of coral reefs, which makes it the perfect spot to strap on a snorkel and jump into the ocean and explore.

Visitors can expect to see a number of eye-catching and colorful reefs, as well as a multitude of bright and majestic aquatic animals.

Visitors dont have to be experienced snorkelers to get an eyeful of the beauty either. The state park is open to any and all ocean lovers ready to push boundaries and step outside of their comfort zone.

Most people dont know about the coral reefs along the Florida coast -- they think of Australia or other faraway places. However, the Florida coast is full of surprises.

Things to Do in Florida: Ocean Edition

Its easy to choose Florida as a vacation destination thanks to places like Disney World, Universal Studios and Miami Beach, but it also has so much to offer visitors ready to explore the deep blue sea.

Whether tourists want to find a quiet place to swim or a dark cave to explore, Florida has a spot that will make this vacation one they will never forget.

Want more tips for vacationing in Florida? Explore the Sunshine State like a local!

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