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With so much to do in Florida, it’s hard to decide just what the family will enjoy most. That’s why we need to pare down our Florida bucket list.

Sure, there’s Disney World and family days at the beach, but there’s so much more to Florida than that. That’s why we have to plan ahead. The family needs to do some research and decide what attractions can’t be missed.

florida bucket list

Plan Your Perfect Family Florida Bucket List

Talk to everyone in the family and find out what each person is most interested in. Just remember there are more amusement parks than Disney World and more outdoor fun than the beaches. Florida is filled with must-do family activities.

Florida Amusement Parks to Choose From

Undoubtedly we’ve all heard of Disney World by now. However, what about the other amusement parks that fill the sunshine state? No Florida bucket list is complete without at least one of Florida’s amusement parks.

Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom

AKA the happiest place on Earth and there’s a good reason for the title. At the Magic Kingdom, your kids can meet their favorite Disney characters. They can watch mind-blowing fireworks and enjoy one of the four kid-friendly rollercoasters.

Universal Island of Adventure

The kids get to venture into the magical world of Harry Potter. Taking in the wonders of Hogsmeade and riding the Hogwarts Express. If magic doesn’t qualify for the list, the Jurassic Park is a thrill. Just make sure the kids are ready for a scare.

Busch Gardens

Filled with real animals and wild rollercoasters. This incredible African-themed animal park is giant. The family will wear themselves out, crossing from one side to the other.

Getting Up Close and Personal with Animals

Florida hosts a diverse variety of wildlife. Everyone knows about our gators, but those aren’t the only animals to be seen. There’s a list of places where the family can interact with the animals. Just remember, not all the wildlife is enjoyable. The bugs can get a bit intrusive, so bug spray saves lives.

Lowry Park Zoo

Sure there are all the typical zoo things. Going on a safari and watching animals in their habitats. What makes Lowry Park Zoo different is that the family gets to play with the animals. Hang out with a penguin, sit with a tortoise, pet an elephant and feed a rhino. The up-close encounters are a must for any Florida bucket list.

Swim with Dolphins

In Florida, there are several places to swim with the dolphins. It’ll be hard picking between all the amazing dolphin experiences. This is an experience that any animal lover would be sad to miss.

Wild Gator Park

Here we can see lots of animals wandering around the park. Similar to Lowry Zoo there are several different personal interaction experiences for the family to enjoy with the animals. Unlike that other park though, Wild Gator Park provides an up-close encounter with a gator. I don’t think it gets more Florida than that. Besides fishing that is.

Exploring Our Oceans and Beaches

No family vacation to Florida is complete without a trip to one of our incredible beaches. It’s the perfect place to sport beachwear and enjoy the best of what our state has to offer.

Beach Sports

From jet skiing to snorkeling, there are water sports for all ages. Best of all, there’s fishing. Florida hosts a beautiful array of incredible fish that are so stunning; the family will want to capture a selfie after they reel in a catch. Many of the fish that reside off the Florida coasts can also provide a tasty meal for the family.

There’s no better place for deep sea fishing, and no Florida vacation would be complete without a fishing excursion.

Key West

If the family’s headed to an island off the coast of Florida, the Florida Keys are the most popular destinations. Why wouldn’t they be? The islands are full of white sand beaches, turquoise water, and endless palm trees. It’s the textbook definition of a perfect beach.

Clearwater Beach

Don’t worry though; we have slices of perfection all over the state. There’s no need to charter a boat! Clearwater Beach is fun for the family. It’s the first-ever white sand beach in America. Beyond its beauty, there are several activities for the family to enjoy.

Dive into the History of Florida

No family vacation is complete without a little culture and history, so don’t forget to consider one of the many museums when creating your Florida bucket list.

Castillo De San Marcos National Monument

Just the sight of this monument is worth the trip. It’s the oldest and largest Masonry fort in the US. At one point, this historical site was turned into a prison for Native Americans. The fort was built in 1672 and has passed from the Spanish to the English to the Americans. 

Fort Matanzas National Monument

If you’re in St. Augustine, you don’t want to skip this monument. The fort was once used as a barrier to enemies headed southbound down the river. Spend the day exploring and learning the stories of this historical site.

Lightner Museum

Not only will the family enjoy walking around this museum, but they’ll also marvel at its architectural wonder. The building was built in 1888, again in St. Augustine. As the country’s oldest town, it would be easy to spend a day there exploring with the family.

Trimming down your Florida bucket list will take time, which just goes to show how much the family is going to love a Florida vacation.

Knowing What to Look for Makes All the Difference

When putting together your family’s Florida bucket list, it is essential to consider more than just Disney World and the beach scene. The state has so much more to offer, you simply have to know where to look.

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